The LifeSil™ Healing Process

Minimize Scars and Keloids In An Effective and Discreet Manner Using LifeSil™ Silicone Gel Sheet

LifeSil ™ 100% medical silicone gel sheets treat scars and keloids gently and effectively through insulating and protecting the skin during the delicate healing stages. LifeSil ™ gel sheets hydrate, compress, and reduce the tension of the skin, resulting in the acceleration of the scar’s healing process while simultaneously preventing scar tissue growth.

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LifeSil™ Silicone Gel Sheet Benefits:

Lightens and minimizes
the appearance of
scars and keloids

No adhesive residue
left on skin once gel
sheet is removed

Clear and flexible gel
sheets can be discreetly
worn anywhere on the body

Made from 100%
medical-grade, FDA
approved silicone

Durable, reusable,
washable, and

Minimizes itching
sensations through
light-weight insulation